Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Weekend walk

It was so lovely at the weekend that I just had to get out into the fresh air. Chickpea is still closeted away working on assignments so I decided to head over for a walk by the local golf course. The course is on the right of the path and there are fields on the left.

The fields were full of birdsong and it wasn't long before I thought I recognised goldfinches. Sure enough, they fluttered back and forth always out of reach of my lens. I eventually managed to catch one, perched on these bare branches.

At the end of the path, I headed up into this overgrown patch of land where I've always had a lot of luck seeing birds and butterflies.

Up past several large patches of comfrey.


And a wild rose bush.

As you work your way up, there are open patches filled with flowers and grasses.

Clover was abundant.

And very popular with the bees.

I also later found out it's a favourite of the Latticed Heath moth. This little gem led me a merry dance through the grass before it settled long enough for me to snatch a photo. I've never seen one before so was determined to get a shot so that I could identify it later.

A couple of you have commented that I seem knowledgeable on wildlife. Seem is definitely the correct word. I'm endlessly curious and want to know what I've been looking at so, once home, I pore over my guidebooks and compare them to photos on the internet until I'm pretty sure of the identification. I'm gradually getting better at actually remembering things now.

I didn't need to look far to find out that this is a Cinnabar moth as it's so striking. It was a flash of bright red as it fluttered around.

And I had no problems with this one, a speckled wood, as I've seen so many of them lately. In fact, there was one fluttering around the garden as I started to write this post.

Onwards and upwards, I was heading for a patch of trees where I saw the willow warbler baby birds last year.

No fledglings yet but I did spot mum darting around with insects in her beak so there's a nest somewhere.

I was also rewarded with a small copper. There was a discussion on the radio last week about people being afraid of butterflies! I can't imagine being afraid of something so beautiful. Spiders yes, butterflies no!

All too soon it was time to head home but as I glanced under the trees I spotted something purple..

an orchid! Having consulted my favourite English Wild Flowers web site, I think it's a Heath-spotted orchid which is a new species to me!

My little patch had done me proud again. In the immortal words of Arnie, 'I'll be back!' x


  1. I am so glad that you went back to your little patch, it is beautiful, and I love the pictures of the butterflies and moths, you are so good to look them up and identify them! It is nice when you see something and you know what it is isn't it. I hope that all is going well with exams for Chickpea. xx

  2. Love the orchid. Hoping for a hike north in a few weeks. Maybe I will be lucky also.

  3. Stunning photos and a lovely pace for a walk, everything looks so lush....especially love your photos of the moth and Butterflies.
    Amanda xx

  4. Lovely walk and beautiful photos - so many pretty butterflies. I can't imagine being afraid of them.

  5. Gosh, what a lovely post, beautiful photos, and such fun to snap pics and identify all this wildlife! I love building my knowledge, discovering, researching, identifying - so next time you'll know straight away the names of each thing you've seen. You are indeed knowledgeable! Chrissie x

  6. What a great place for a walk :)

  7. What a lovely walk...your photos are stunning Julie. Love the butterfly photos. My brownies were learning all about butterflies and bugs and insects tonight so this post was especially interesting for me...thank you.
    Marianne x

  8. I'm amazed by the flora and fauna on your walk! I will have to come back here and take in more of your gorgeous neighborhood. The butterflies especially are glorious.

  9. It looks like a beautiful spot, I can see why you love it so much. You've captured some wonderful shots of nature there, the butterfly photos are especially good, they move around so much!