Saturday, 31 May 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt: May

Time once again for the monthly Scavenger Hunt organised by Greenthumb at Made with Love. This time all of the photos are from our holiday to Verona.

Gadget : For weighing luggage so that I don't have to pay any pesky excess baggage charges.

L is for...: Torre dei Lamberti, or Lamberti Tower.

Tiny : Everything looks tiny when you're at the top of a tower.

Puzzle : It's a puzzle how I completely overlooked this category until I saw it in the other entries! Cue frantic searching through photos last night to find something suitable. This is La Casa di Giulietta and I'm sure there were jigsaw puzzles for sale in the souvenir shop. It's a puzzle to me why so many tourists flock to Juliet's house when she was only a character in a play. But yes, of course we visited. Several times.

Letter:  Letters to Juliet stuck to the wall with chewing gum - eww!

Reflection: In the mirror of the Cafe Ebrius.

Fresh: Vegetables for sale in the market in Piazza delle Erbe.

Hidden: Can you see the cross and other patterns hidden in the rafters of this building?

Antique: A shop somewhere in the historic centre of Verona.

Demolition: This was such a difficult category. Even back in England I struggled to find any kind of demolition but more so in Verona where buildings are restored and preserved, not knocked down. Here's what I came up with: this is the Ponte Pietra, originally completed in 100BC. Four of the arches were demolished by German troops in World War II but the bridge was lovingly rebuilt using the original materials as far as possible.

Left: Turn left for the police station.

7pm: 7 May, waiting for the flight home to Manchester.

I really enjoyed working to a theme although some of the categories were trickier than others! Next month it will be back to normal service. Why not join us - you can find the list of June's categories here. x


  1. You forgot one......pea green with envy.....that'll be me then!

    What a lovely thing to do with your holiday snaps. Verona is so beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, you have taken so many lovely photos. I really like tiny, L, left well they are all great. Greenthumb

  3. Thanks for taking me on this journey to Italy. I am half Italian and miss visiting (I haven't been for nearly 20 years). My favourite photo must be the one taken from the tower down. x

  4. Oh, I love that they rebuilt that bridge, it's beautiful.
    And those vegetables look so good!
    I am so with you about that chewing gum, I think the stuff should be outlawed!! (There is an electric pole that is covered in gum on the walk up Stone Mountain, terrible sight!)

  5. Lovely photographs. The bridge is beautiful and I'm so glad that they rebuilt it.

  6. Verona looks delightful apart from the letters to Juliet stuck on with chewie...yuck!
    Love your Fresh pic, the courgettes look so attractive with the flowers still attached and don't those peppers look interesting.

  7. Verona ~ how lovely to visit through your photos. What a handy gadget for luggage weight ~ great idea. Really enjoyed all of your photos ~ especially the tiny one!

  8. Beautiful photos. My favourite is 'Tiny' and also the letters to Juliet :)

  9. I'm drooling here! I just saw Louise's photos from Paris, and now Verona - how lovely! I really like Reflection - even an ordinary cafe in Italy or France has a distinctive atmosphere. The gum to stick letters on the wall is gross, but in Seattle there's an extensive wall of just chewed gum. Very colorful! :-|

  10. Great photos for tiny and hidden. I like your take on demolition too. I was struggling with that too, but then I got lucky as I happened to drive past a demolition site last weekend and I made sure I stopped for a quick photo! It was really nice to see another country through your photos!

    1. Just popped by to reply to your comment on my scavenger post - I wasn't exactly thrilled when I saw June's list, it looks quite hard, but I'm sure we'll manage it somehow! I've just added a short video to the end of my post,so you and anyone else whose mind might be boggling can see exactly how you radio tag an ant!

  11. I loved your photos, Julie! Demolition was clever and very interesting. I like the challenge of working to a theme, but it can be hard! Well done!

  12. What brill photos- It was great that they were from such a beautiful city such as Verona. Tiny was such a great photo- but then again, you had such a great interpretation of them all.

  13. Wow, lovely! But, you are now the second one I've seen with a 'view from the top' my stomach can't cope with these height! x

  14. Gorgeous Verona!!! Your interpretation of Tiny was super!!!! Loved it!!! The letters to.Julie was gross but cool in situ representation x

  15. Lovely photos and great to have them all from your trip.

  16. Lovely photos, I especially liked tiny. That is a natty little gadget!

  17. Lovely photos Julie, Verona looks amazing. I need to get one of those wee luggage weighing things myself.
    Marianne x

  18. Lovely to see your Italian take on the categories. It looks as though you had a great time away! xx

  19. Gorgeous photos and I love your gadget I have never seen one of those before.