Sunday, 4 May 2014

Before the harvest

Last time I showed you what we made with our wild garlic harvest. Before we gathered the leaves though, we walked through the woods to see what else we could find.

We passed lots of patches of wild garlic as it grows in abundance in this particular wood. In this area the flowers were yet to open.

In sunnier areas though, the flowers were in full bloom. As I was taking the photo I realised there was something else enjoying them too.

A beautiful and vibrant peacock butterfly who posed quite happily in the sunshine as it helped itself to nectar. This wasn't the only butterfly we spotted that day as there were several fluttering around...

including this Comma....

..a Speckled Wood...

...and a Cabbage White. We also saw several Orange Tips but they didn't land long enough to photograph.

I've since found out that a particular favourite of orange-tip butterflies is this garlic mustard. Next time I'll have to try sitting by a patch and hope one stops by. However, as it took Amanda 5 years of trying to get a photo, I'd better take a picnic!

Just like in the other woods nearby, we came across several patches of wood-sorrel.

And a few red campion.

There were also a few forget-me-nots.

And some ribwort.

I followed a new path downwards and into a clearing and discovered a pond with lots of iris. I didn't even know it was there so I'll definitely be back to see what else appears over the months.

This ladybird was certainly enjoying the sunshine in the clearing.

Finally, these weren't in the woods but you can never have too many photos of ducklings!

Hope you're enjoying the long bank holiday weekend if you're in the UK and the slightly shorter one if you're elsewhere. x


  1. Beautiful photographs - the butterflies are lovely!

  2. Lovely photos, there is so much to see in the woods in spring :)

  3. There is something so special about foraging in the woods, whether it be for herbs, flowers or butterfly photos! I remember puckering at the lovely sour taste of wood sorrel as a child...Chrissie x

  4. Wow, what a great place for a walk, and thanks for the mention. I bet you will get Dragonflys at that pond in the summer...Butterflies look good, sorry you didn't ger the Orange Tip, just read on another blog to go in the morning, they aren't as active...look forward to seeing what else you find in that wood.
    Amanda xx

  5. Ahhh the loveliness of spring - your post made my heart sing.

  6. So lovely to see all that you found in the woods! Perhaps one day you will capture a photo of the orange tip - but is seems as though they are tricky!! Hope that you are having a great long weekend yourself. xx

  7. I love forget-me-nots! I have some on the bottom of my blog! (They are from my the English garden of my in-laws!)
    And we also have orange-tip butterflies! I saw some on one of the trips up Panola Mountain in March!
    Oh, I love this post and to end it with the adorable ducklings, I love them!! xx

  8. Everything looks so lush and green in your photos. I am very impressed with your butterfly and wildflower knowledge, I have to say! It looks like a lovely walk. x