Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mandala #2

Well, I couldn't resist making another mandala and it's helped break up the boredom of the repetitive rows of the yoga mat bag. I've finished the bag part now and have started on the strap - it should be ready to reveal very soon.

This is another pattern by Wink in Simply Crochet magazine (issue 12). It was described as a 'wintry' mandala but the colours reminded me of the seaside so I went with that theme. Like the previous mandala, I used King Cole Bamboo Cotton, this time in shades 518 (Ice), 521 (Blue), 525 (Cobalt), 532 (Sand), 533 (Green) and 538 (Cream).

I've never crocheted popcorn stitch before or double-trebles so it was great to learn something new - always a bonus for those like me who are easily bored.

When it came to the final row, I couldn't decide whether to use the cream or sand, so did a few stitches on each side to see which I preferred. Sand it was though, looking at this photo, I'm still not sure!

Ta-dah! I really like this pattern and have already started another version in different colours. I notice Lucy over at Attic24 is asking for mandalas for Yarndale this year, so that will probably be my next project.

We've had a quiet day today recovering from our holiday. Yes, we're just back from Verona! What an absolutely beautiful city and so much to see. We walked our feet off trying to fit in as much as possible. It'll probably take me a while to sort through all the photos but here's a taster of what you can expect...

Sigh, I wish I could be there now. x


  1. Oh, what a lovely picture of a beautiful city. I've been a couple of times to visit but would love to go back and wander the streets. Glad you had a good time:)

  2. I like the colour of your edging, the white might have been too bright whereas the colour you chose tones in beautifully I think. Another great mandala!!! I look forward to seeing your holiday pics when you are able to share. Glad that you had a good time! xx

  3. Oh wow, Verona!! We had a day trip there a few years ago while staying in Lake Garda - I loved it but there is so much we didn't get a chance to see.

    The colours in your Mandala are spot on. x

  4. I love that mandala, it looks like a flower to me! Love the colors.
    Never been to Italy, except in my mind! Looks lovely.

  5. Glad you had a lovely holiday! I am really looking forward to seeing your photos and reading all about it. Gorgeous mandala...I like the sea themed colours. Have a great weekend.
    Marianne x