Sunday, 23 November 2014

An afternoon in Haworth

It's that time of year when Christmas markets are springing up everywhere. I've been to two in the last week and the first of those was last Sunday. Me, my parents and Chickpea took a coach trip to the pretty Yorkshire village of Haworth, famous for having been the home of the Bronte sisters. None of us had ever been before so didn't know what to expect. I have to say that the entertainment advertised in the coach brochure didn't materialise and I also didn't end up taking many photos: Haworth is very small and the grey day didn't make for the best light conditions. I do have a few to share though.

After the coach dropped us off, we followed the path up to the top of the village, past the allotments. Right down in the bottom of the valley is the railway station where you can take a steam train along the Worth Valley. We'd intended to do that as Dad had fond memories of watching them puffing through our long-since-disappeared village station as a boy. However, you can see from the photo just how steep the valley is and he and Mum decided it was just too much of a climb: mental note to take them back in the summer but to park closer to the station (or park in Keighley at the other end of the line).

The path takes you past the graveyard though none of the Brontes are buried here - they're all (except Anne) buried in a vault under the church.

This is the only photo of the church to survive the gloom of the damp, grey day. It was rebuilt in the late 19th century though so would have looked different in the time of the Brontes. On the left of the picture are the school rooms...

...where Charlotte Bronte once taught.

Next door is the parsonage which is now a museum. I didn't take any photos of the house but you can see several on this web site along with photos of the interior.

Following a short but necessary stop (!), we continued on towards the centre of the village.

Past a lovely shop window.

To the top of Main Street. We had a look round Rose & Co Apothecary which has the most beautifully restored interior - you can see photos here.

Then we wended our way down the steep high street, popping into the various gift shops...

and peaking through open doors.

The local brass band provided atmosphere.

Towards the bottom of the hill, you can see the park where the Christmas market was to be found.

A modestly sized market though they did have a stall selling my favourite gluhwein which was lovely and warming on a chilly day :)

After a wander around the stalls we climbed back up Main Street to the Black Bull pub, where Branwell Bronte spent much of his time, for a late lunch before heading for a last quick look around the shops and then back to the coach. We enjoyed our visit though I think we were all disappointed with the size of the market and the lack of promised entertainment (and I don't know where the responsibility for that lies). However, Haworth is a lovely little village. If we were to go back, we'd make sure we went on the steam train and did some of the walks on the moors. The coach took us back a different way right over the top of the moors and down through some very narrow, winding roads - I'm full of admiration for how coach drivers can thread their vehicles through the eye of a needle. There was a very sticky point when we met a bus coming in the opposite direction on the bend of a very narrow road with cars parked down one side - I felt like applauding after watching both drivers manoeuvre their way out of it!

The Christmas market in Manchester yesterday couldn't have been more different. We were in the city to meet up with friends to see the new Hunger Games film but came in early to have a quick look round. After the film (very good), we headed over for a hot drink - more of that gluhwein! We're intending to meet up again in a couple of weeks to do the market properly so I'll save photos for then, though if you can't wait, have a look at our visits in previous years here and here.

Today has been a much quieter day with food shopping and housework. Later I'll be making more progress on my crochet blanket while watching Strictly. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. xx


  1. I've never been to any of the big, city christmas markets, though I did go to a small one at the roundhouse in Derby last weekend, which was nice. I'd have loved to have gone to the one in Haworth, I'll have to look our for it next year. I've never visited Haworth before, though we've driven through it once or twice whilst we've been staying with Dave's dad. It's the scroggling the holly festival there next weekend and I'd quite like to go, but there are also things on closer to home and I don't think we'll make it to Haworth as it's a bit too far really. You took some lovely photos, despite the weather!

  2. Well your photos are still stunning even thought the weather was a disappointment on the day. The Manchester Christmas Market looks to be brilliant and I can imagine its going to get a lot busier in the coming weeks. I'm going to have to brave the straight forward shopping centres soon... or shall I chicken out and do it all online?!! Take care x

  3. Hi Julie, I used to work in Haworth many moons ago, in a little sweet shop across from the station (now gone) I have fond memories of Haworth. We have been to the German market in Leeds which is nice (expensive )
    I'm to back crocheting after a long break, so will be watching strictly and crocheting too..
    Amanda xx

  4. I break out in a sweat every time I think about Haworth. I went there when planning to stay in Hebden which was a whole other hassle that day too. I can just recall coming out of a road out of the village onto the main road back down and the car was at a 45degree angle to the road and there was no cessation in traffic and clutch control was so high I'd visions of shooting up the hill on the other side. Hideous and a bus trip sounds much less stress.

    Cant wait to see the Manchester Market as its ages since I've been there and the Glasgow ones are tiny by comparison.

  5. Although it might not have been quite what you expected/hoped for, it looks like a lovely place and very pretty too! xx

  6. I love Haworth even though its tiny its full of atmosphere. I love the old parsonage museum ( well worth a look) and the quaint little shops. Your pics are lovely ~ it is usually gloomy i think ~ whenever i've visited anyhow.

  7. Good Afternoon Julie, Your post is great, I feel like we travel with you, thanks for sharing your trip.X

  8. Awwww, it's a shame the sun didn't shine for you Julie. The dark stone does look rather depressing on a rainy day. It seems like some of it has been sandblasted since I lived there....much more cheerful.
    The church yard is always spooky I think.
    Do go back and walk on the's the best bit.....fabulous views.
    Jacquie x

  9. It looks like a delightful place despite your grey weather! I am afraid Christmas markets are not for me. I couldn't cope with all the people!

  10. I've never been to Haworth so this was an interesting look round for me. I do like visiting the christmas markets, I'm going next week with a friend to the Manchester markets, we can't wait!

  11. I've never been to Haworth but it looks really quaint and pretty. The little shops look especially nice. I love Christmas markets too, we went to a small one during the week and it was so nice, made me feel all Christmassy! Love the last photo in this post too for that same reason.
    Marianne x