Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday walk

As the weather turned out much better than expected today, I couldn't resist the opportunity to head out for a walk. The first part of the walk took me along my usual route by the golf course.

There are still lots of berries on the trees to feed the birds over the winter. Combined with the white lichen, the whole effect looked *whisper it* quite Christmassy.

 This little multi-coloured leaf glowed amongst the grass.

The unseasonably warm weather seems to have persuaded this elder that it's already spring as it had lots of new growth.

My Dr Hessayon guide tells me this shrub is Euonymous europaeus 'Red Cascade'. I've never seen one before and it was really striking with its bright pink and orange flowers.

In fact, I was surprised how many plants were still in flower.

Reaching the end of the path, I wasn't ready to turn back towards home so carried on across the railway line.

Loved this little gypsy caravan sitting in a field behind a farm.

The horses were far too interested in one of their friends at the other end of the field to pay any notice to me.

On the far horizon, I could see Rivington Pike which we walked up earlier this year (it's the small bump which you can just make out, though it was clearer in reality).

And this was where I eventually turned for home with the autumn sun already low in the sky. It seems such a bonus to still be having warm sunshine and blue skies well into November- long may it continue. Well, at least at the weekends when I'm free to enjoy it.

Otherwise, it's been a fairly quiet weekend and I made progress on a couple of projects, including this winter embroidery. I want to do a little more stitching before it's time for bed so I'm going to have to love you and leave you. Enjoy what remains of the weekend. x


  1. Thank you for this lovely walk with you! I really enjoyed it!
    AND I was so very excited to see your Euonymous europaeus! Do you not think that those might be seed pods with the seeds inside? Only it looks very much like the plant that I did a post about called "Hearts A Bustin" With Love"! It looks a lot like a flower, that bright pink and orange is so beautiful! Hope you have a great week and good luck with your winter embroidery!

  2. OH what a lovely walk. I love all the flowers that are still in bloom. We've had the warmest summer and autumn ever - and our lawn even needs mowing - the boy will come sometime this week. It has rarely needed mowed in October and never in November. But cooler temperatures are on the way - and we are told to expect another warmer than normal winter.

  3. What a lovely walk, it is wonderful how many flowers are still in bloom despite the cold we are now experiencing.

  4. I do so enjoy going on these walks with you! You always see and find such interesting things and places. That little leaf is so beautiful isn't it. I look forward to seeing more of your embroidery! xx

  5. A lovely walk, and wonderful pictures. The Autumnal colours are beautiful, I love the photo with the bees on the white flowrers and the rich colour of the small leaf.


  6. A lovely walk :) I hope you'll share your winter embroidery when it is finished too!

  7. What a lovely walk, it's surprising what's still about when you look, your embroidery looks very intresting...Amanda...

  8. I enjoyed this walk, especially seeing the gypsy caravan. Wouldn't it be great to own one of these?! Have a wonderful week x

  9. Sunday was a beautiful day, wasnt it? I loved this walk, there are so many colours on the plants, even though it's November x

  10. There certainly are still lots of flowers near you. Lovely pictures as usual. :)

  11. I'm amazed by how much colour there is still out there at this time of year, how many plants are still in flower. I wonder if it's because we've had such a mild autumn? Whatever the reason, it looks like a lovely walk. x

  12. What a beautiful way to spend the day and that Gypsy's caravan is so beautiful we don't get them in Oz so I am always in awe of them.