Sunday, 31 May 2015

Photo scavenger hunt: May 2015

Oh, how I struggled with the categories this month! I think it might have been the hardest hunt yet. Take a look at my entry while I go and lie down in a darkened room!

Blue: A Holly Blue butterfly in my garden. This is the first time I've ever seen one, let alone found one in my garden. I can't tell you how excited I was!

Crystal : My daughter's collection of crystals.

Vintage : A local shop.

Fluff : Fluffy catkins of the willow tree. The ground under the tree looked like it was covered in cotton wool.

Global : I think this was the hardest of all the categories. This was a hastily taken photo in a bookshop.

Mask : Belonging to Chickpea. A souvenir from our holiday in Venice a few years ago.

Bus : A rather empty bus at this point though it did fill up at later stops.

Frame : A climbing frame on the local playground.

Collection : A collection of flowers and grass found on a walk on 23 May, I think I'll do something similar during June for the 30 days wild challenge.

Poster : Advertising a children's craft event. If only I wasn't too old to take part!

Ribbon : Ribbons on hats and in hair at a gymkhana at Clifton Country Park - post coming soon.

Whatever you want : My friend's cat, Arthur, yesterday eating and sniffing this patch of mint. He loved it!

It can be a real challenge but the Scavenger Hunt is also great fun. Thank you to Greenthumb at Made with Love as always for organising it. You can see everyone else's entries and the list for June on the Scavenger Hunt site.

I'll be back tomorrow with the first of my 30 Days Wild posts. Enjoy your Sunday. x


  1. Well done Julie, they are a wonderful set of photos, ashamed to say I gave up in the end, must say it was one of the hardest to find but you have done very well...
    How exciting to have Holly Blue butterfly in your garden, it has been some years since I saw one, and loving the photo of the collection of flowers.
    Amanda xx

  2. It really was a tough one! Well done for doing it though, you found some great photos! Seeing this post has reminded me that I also have a collection of minerals and gemstones that my dad built up for me when I was a child - they're all in a box, in a cupboard - I could have find crystals in there but I completely forgot about it until I saw Chickpea's collection!

  3. OH, that Holly Blue butterfly...that makes my heart go all aflutter!!! How ever did you get that shot, I would be over the moon! Those butterflies fly away so quickly!! I saw the most beautiful butterfly when I am was in England, it was all white but had gold color on the tips of the wings...don't know the name, it was lovely, it flew around in the conservatory at my in-laws, and was gone!
    Oh! And I love the photo of the flowers and grass... I recognize the buttercup! :-) xx

  4. When I WAS in England....that must be that I am wishing I could say that I AM in England! HA!

  5. I love your scavenger hunt posts Julie.
    Marianne x

  6. You did a fantastic job putting together this collection of photos. They are all amazing. But, I'm partial to the last one; the little kitty with the mint. My best to you. Hugs, Pat

  7. Congratulations on seeing and photographing the Holly Blue butterfly. Your scavenger hunt finds are really interesting. It was a difficult challenge. I had good ideas for illustrating some items and then didn't manage to find what I wanted especially the ribbon one. I had thought about a horse decorated with ribbons for a May day event, but didn't get there in the end!

  8. Wow I'm so jealous of your butterfly shot. Love the wildflower collection. So pretty! I too have just signed up for #30dayswild. Arthur looks very happy!

  9. A very varied selection - well done you! You seemed to have cracked it :) Love the ribbons entry :)

  10. How exciting to find see that beautiful blue butterfly in your garden! A great way to start out May's categories. I think you did a terrific job of capturing all of the choices!

  11. Great finds!! I really like your choice for frame, one of the most original I have seen for that prompt this month! xx

  12. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I'm sorry you found it hard you will be glad to know so did I. I really like your photos of ribbon, fluff, and blue. Good luck with next months list. Greenthumb

  13. Super photos, I've enjoyed looking at them - love the holly blue butterfly how lucky you were to see and photograph it. Also love your interpretation of frame, also like collection, ribbon and the lovely cat in your last photo:)

  14. Oh I love Holly blue butterflies- they remind me of my childhood- we always used to get them in our garden, so I feel very nostalgic! That photo is very beautiful too! The catkins are really lovely too. The collection of wild flowers is really lovely and yes, a great idea for 30 days wild!!!x

  15. You may have struggled to find the photos, Julie,but you ended up with a great collection! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I loved the vivid colors in frame, the elegant mystery of ribbon, and how you solved the problem of global! And, of course, the teddybear picnic poster ~ what memories that evokes. Have a great time with June's hunt!

  16. You are right. It was a tough month, but I believe you did very well. I'd love to come across that butterfly. And the ribbon story should be most interesting.