Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 1: Sow vegetable seeds

It's Day 1 of 30 Days Wild organised by the Wildlife Trusts. Throughout June, the challenge is to make time for something nature-related every day. It can take moments or hours, whatever you can fit in.

Although I'll be taking part each day, I might not always have time to blog about it. Inspired by the mention of 'random acts of wildness', I'll probably be doing random acts of blogging!

For Day 1, I'm sowing radish seeds which I'm hoping to harvest at the end of the month. The packet says they're ready to pick in 3-6 weeks, so fingers crossed that the sun will shine and I'll have some rosy beauties to show you! It's definitely not sunny now though as the rain is battering against the window as I type!

Luckily I'd seen the weather forecast and had my pot of compost ready so that I could simply sow the seeds this morning. And at 6.45am, in bright sunshine, I was outside with seeds in hand.

I'm growing the radish in pots as I don't have much growing space. I already grow most of my vegetables this way and they're almost always successful.

I was surprised how large the seeds are but then this is a larger variety. The radish will have a milder flavour and are traditionally eaten in continental style with butter and salt.

I read online that it's good to plant radish near mint to deter flea beetles. Luckily I have some growing in another pot so have pushed the two together. The mesh is to deter the local cats from using it as a day bed/litter tray.

Hmm, I'm thinking that I needn't have bothered watering as it's getting plenty now!

I have to admit it was rather stressful trying to fit in some wildness in the morning with the time pressure of needing to leave for work. It was also so wonderful being outside that I just didn't want to leave the garden! Tomorrow will be even more of a challenge because it's meant to be raining all day, I'll be at work and then my yoga class in the evening! What will my date with nature be? Well, you'll just have to wait and see :-)


  1. That's a great start to the challenge! Some days are going to tricky, but I'm sure we'll think of something!

  2. What a great start. I had to change my plans for 30 days wild because of the wind and rain today. I've never tried planting radishes. I hope you are successful. :)

  3. Good start Julie. I'm sure they'll be tasty radishes when the time comes for eating.

  4. I sure know about the time pressure of leaving for work, but the time spent planting those seeds will be well worth it! We plant almost everything in pots. I say "we" but it is really my husband who does most of the gardening, I just get to enjoy the flowers. We have a few pots of banana peppers just now, we hope the deer don't develop a taste for them! :-)

  5. Hello. Those radishes look so yummy! I have the Barefoot Contessa in Paris cookbook and she also has a recipe for radishes with butter and salt. Very French indeed. Wishing you a wonderful start to this glorious month.

  6. Fingers crossed they will be ready for the end of the month, I had bought some flowers for bees and was going to plant them yesterday, but the weather got the best of me by the time I came home from work, at least they had a good watering !
    Amanda xx

  7. I hope that you have a great 30 days being wild in whatever form that takes! Hope you get to enjoy your radishes during the 30 days too perhaps if they grow fast! xx