Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day 30: Photo scavenger hunt: June 2015

Just because the Scavenger Hunt isn't tricky enough, I decided to give it a 30 Days Wild twist. All of the photos have some connection to nature, some a lot more tenuous than others!

J is for...: Juxtaposition. I was struck by the contrasting textures and materials of the wool, plastic and stone in this piece of art in the woods of Rydal Hall.

Rust : An old rusty garden implement on display at Manchester Art Gallery as part of the Lost Gardens installation. I think it's a lawn aerator.

Smooth : The glossy, smooth coat of a friendly horse.

Imagination: What lies beyond the garden gates? Let your imagination lead the way...

Classic: A classic car in a farmyard, with grass and trees.

Similar: Lots of Canada Geese on the lake: very similar but every one is unique. Chickpea calls them replicators because of their habit of swimming in the same direction - she thinks they're creepy!

Parallel: Parallel lines in the crops in a field.

Socks: Little white socks on a cute but very watchful cat.

Bead: Beads of rain on a hosta leaf.

Mug: My Emma Bridgewater 'pinks' mug with some red pinks in my garden.

Post: A rotten wooden post which I spotted on a walk through the fields.

Whatever you want: Cute cockapoodle dog who came over to say hello.

Thanks as always to Greenthumb of Made with Love who organises the Scavenger Hunt each month. You can find the other entries and the categories for July over on the Scavenger Hunt site.

This is also the conclusion of my 30 Days Wild as we're setting off for a couple of days in York this morning. Before we go though, I have one last photo for you. At the start of 30 Days Wild, I sowed some radish seed in the hope that they would be ready to harvest at the end. So...

Day 30: Harvest a vegetable

Ta-dah! Just in the nick of time!

And so we've come full circle. I started out full of enthusiasm and admit it's been tough along the way. Doing something wild was the easy part as I always take note of nature, even if it's just checking progress of the plants in my garden or admiring the scenery on the way to work. What was more difficult was finding something different to write about each day. However, it's given me some wonderful experiences: flying a kite, visiting Brockholes (and their playground!), discovering new moths to name a few. The polka dots on my lawn will be staying a while longer too.

A big thank you to the Wildlife Trusts for organising the challenge, and also to Louise and Ian whose daily posts kept me inspired when enthusiasm was flagging.

See you all in a few days. I'm off on my hols!!! x


  1. Love your Nature idea for the posts. Especially love your geese,smooth shiny coat of a horse and kittys socks. Enjoy your hols.x

  2. Great scavenger hunt photos, I love that you've give it the 30 Days Wild twist too.

  3. An enjoyable scavenger hunt post with a nature theme. A creative set of photos.
    Also it was good to see the radishes and congratulations on a month of going wild! I'm sure your love of nature will be reflected in future blog posts. Have a good day!

  4. What a wonderful set of photos with great connections to the words, been a bit slack and missed out doing it again this moth AGAIN..!
    I have really enjoyed you 30 days wild it's been a good project to do, and you have radishes...
    Amanda xx

  5. Great collection of photos and perfect that the radishes were ready today!

  6. Great photos, with a lot of thought put into them ~ your pinks mug next to the their namesakes was a sweet idea, the cat photo made me smile, striking bead shot, and parallel lines, lovely horse, and congrats on your radishes ~ have a wonderful vacation :)

  7. Great finds all on the wildlife theme!!! I really like the beads of water on the hosta! It has been lovely following along your thirty wild days, I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed reading about it! xx

  8. parallel lines, socks, and beads -- my favorites. And, I want a bite of that radish. Looks too good to just look at it. Hope it tasted great.

  9. Lovely post and great photos. I particularly like the photo of the horse.
    Marianne x

  10. Great photos and all so apt for 30 Days wild too. Great that the radishes were ready for the last day of 30 Days - it has been hard blogging every day hasn't it? For the scavenger photos I love socks, mug and bead. Enjoy your holiday:)

  11. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. So many wonderful photos. I really like socks, parallel, rust, and imagine. Greenthumb

  12. I've been picking radishes too! I am so proud of them!!! How lovely are those that you have grown! The photos are so lovely. I love the clever close up of the owl CD eyes- marvellous!
    I love geese- but I can understand why Sweetpea is unnerved by them! Clever way of displaying your mug- I was a bit stuck with making that category interesting!x

  13. Having just commented on how different peoples entries are I find that you and I have interpreted socks, post and bead in almost the same way!
    Lovely pictures and those radishes look good enough to eat (Oh you already have). I like the way you brought the pinks to your pinks mug, it makes a much more interesting photo