Saturday, 6 June 2015

Day 6: Peregrines and gardens

Day 6 and a day out in Manchester to meet up with a friend. A pair of peregrines have nested on top of one of the buildings for several years and the RSPB usually have a stand with a telescope. This was my target for today.

I'd been looking online for sightings and had heard that the birds had been seen near the Town Hall so I headed there first.

Sure enough there was an RSPB van with two lovely young women inside: this is Hayley. They hadn't set up their stand yet so we chatted about 30 days wild (I was wearing my badge) and the antics of *Spineless Si before moving on to the peregrines. There are 2 pairs in the city centre at the moment. The older pair seem to have moved to the Town Hall.

Their original nest site on top of the CIS building has been taken over by a younger pair. Apparently they have been very active with lots of bonding behaviour: passing food to each other in mid-air and that kind of thing.

Unfortunately for me, neither pair was in evidence today though I scanned the buildings and the sky and went back to the Town Hall later in the day. It was disappointing but I was given lots of information on what to look for and was shown photos of them: they like to perch on the Premier Inn sign and on an old crow's nest on the Cathedral. I'm back in Manchester in a couple of weeks so will try again. There are videos of the nest site from previous years here.

Later, I went over to the art gallery where I was meeting my friend and had a pleasant surprise. The front of the building has been decorated by the National Trust with plants and gardens as part of the Lost Gardens installation.

There was a box of frames for you to take pictures.

So, no peregrines but an unexpected bonus of nature in the city.

Another unexpected bonus was this little urban fox who came home with me :-)

A lovely day all round. x

*For non-UK readers, Spineless Si is a stickleback (small fish) which has featured on a TV nature programme called Springwatch.


  1. Great post Julie, good to read you had a lovely day, it looks that way. I love the photo of the framed beehive, looks good that.

  2. I have yet to catch up with Si! Must get to watch it. The garden is great isn't it. I like the idea of the frames for photos! Love your fox too! xx

  3. I didn't know Manchester had peregrines :) The lost garden looks great and I love your foxy necklace! I love how excited the nation have become over spineless si!

  4. Interesting about the peregrines bonding by passing food to one another in mid-air. Do other birds do that I wonder? We recently saw a red kite making contact with another bird in mid-air and thought the kite was hassling it, but maybe they were doing the same thing as the peregrines? Love the fox necklace.

  5. Its a shame you didn't see the peregrines but the garden looks like it was a pleasant surprise. :)

  6. What a lovely day out, shame you did not get to see the Peregrines, but it was worth seeing the lost gardens that looks a wonderful display and I do like your silver fox, yet another good 30 days..
    Amanda xx

  7. I clicked on the link to Lost Gardens, sounds like my cup of tea, wish I could go.
    And I watched "Spring Watch" with my in-laws when I was in England. I loved it!
    It is one of their favorites, they never miss it. xx