Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 19-21: the birds and the bees

Three weeks down and just over a week to go! Time to update you on some more random acts of wildness.

Day 19: Look for ducklings

As I was driving past the lake on my way to work, I spotted a family of new ducklings. I didn't have time to stop so decided my random act of wildness for the day would be to photograph them in the evening.

Easier said than done as they decided to hide under some overhanging branches. This was the best I could manage. And then it started raining.

Time to call it quits and colour in some flowers instead.

Day 20: Read a magazine in the garden

On Saturday we met some friends for lunch in Manchester. No luck with the peregrines again but I did have better luck with the ducklings later.

Awww, so cute!

Tired from our day out, a quiet half hour reading a magazine in the garden was just what was needed.

Did the bee know I was reading about him?

Lovely skies again.

Day 21: Go for a walk along a familiar path

Chickpea has been suffering badly from hayfever today so refused point blank to set foot out of the house let alone go wild.

That put paid to any grander plans so I decided to go for one of my favourite walks along the golf course to see what was new.

Bee on Tufted vetch

Red clover


Cut-leaved cranesbill

Large Skipper
 Other than a Speckled wood, this was the only butterfly I spotted today. They seem in very short supply this year.

After a while I headed off into a wilder area where I usually get lucky with butterflies and birds. There was a lot of tweeting coming from a patch of trees so I crept into the longer grass and waited patiently.


Lots of young willow warblers (there are three here).


Back in the same patch of trees where I spotted the willow warblers, along came a very vocal wren.

And a young robin.

My little patch never fails to turn up something interesting :-)

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. x


  1. What a lovely walk - so many things to see when you take the time to look. Love the other activities too - I think reading a book or magazine in the garden is a wonderful way to pass the afternoon.

  2. I have not seen many butterflies this year either.I may go on a quest to find some this week.:)

  3. Nice photos Julie, nice 30 Days Wild activities.

  4. Lovely set of photos and a nice walk, love the bramble flowers,and great spotting the bird. My son has been bad with his hay fever too, not feeling well at all.... there used to be just one kid at school who couldn't do sports day, So many children have it now.
    Amanda xx

  5. A lovely walk. Those ducklings are so cute! xx

  6. What a great few days! I haven't seen many butterflies this year either, the other day when it was hot, I made a butterfly feeder (mashed banana on a paper plate!) and put it in the garden but not a single butterfly came by (that I saw anyway).