Monday, 29 June 2015

Days 26-29: Barefoot, bubbles and birds

Day 26: Watch the rain

I was at work all day and had just over an hour at home before I had to go back to work for the evening.

Unsurprisingly, I hadn't planned anything for 30 Days Wild and fully expected to be having a 'day off'. But then the rain came. I stood by the patio doors and watched as it fell, harder and harder in one of those summer cloudbursts which arrives in a flash and leaves just as quickly. I love to watch the rain. I only thought to video it after the best of the downpour had passed.

Day 27: Stand barefoot in the grass

It's not often that I work Saturdays but this was one of them. It was also the day of my Aunty and Uncle's Ruby Wedding party so I again didn't have long at home before we had to leave.

Just enough time to stand in the long grass with a cup of tea, soaking up the sunshine.

This is the best of the polka dots with lots of clover...

and this purple-coloured plant which I haven't identified yet.

My sweet peas have just started to flower too. It says on the label that they're supposed to be scented but the scent is proving elusive. Such a shame as that's why I chose it but I'm enjoying the flowers all the same.

My orchid is also in bloom. It appeared one summer a couple of years ago and has come back every year since then.

Day 28: Blow bubbles in the garden

I shamelessly stole this idea from Louise! Some of the activities I've enjoyed most in this challenge have been the ones inspired by childhood like playing on the zip wire at Brockholes and flying a kite.

I couldn't resist this one even though bubbles are very tricky to photograph! There were 5 bottles in the pack so I'm saving the rest for my 4th July BBQ next weekend.

Day 29: Watch the birds

Another quiet day in: we've been packing as we're going away for a couple of days tomorrow! I decided to just enjoy some time in the garden, soaking up the sun, reading a magazine and watching the birds.

In particular, this starling kept me entertained for ages as he tried to get the last crumbs from the fat ball.

And elsewhere in the garden, my purple mangetout have finally started to produce pods.

This evening we'll be enjoying the random act of wildness that is watching my Mum in a crown green bowling match! Enjoy your evening however you spend it. x


  1. Glad you enjoyed the bubbles! If I ever have my own garden, I might shamelessly steal your lawn polka dot idea, then we'll be even ;) hehe! The purple plant in your garden is self heal, it's lovely when it gets a bit taller, I photographed some in the garden here today. Some lovely wild moments and it's great you've manage to find some 'wild time' every day! I've loved 30 Days Wild but I will be glad when it's over! Hope you have a great trip away :)

  2. I made a point of walking in my bare feet at Brookholes, such a lovely feeling, you should have stood out in the rain ! Orchid and sweet peas look lovely.
    Amanda xx

  3. Oh how lovely! I love the rain window and all the vigorous movement of Starling versus fat ball!!!!


  4. Oh and the bubbles are genius!! I must remember to buy some!x

  5. Nice 30 Days Wild activities Julie. Watching the rain from the window is always nice to do. I liked your videos, especially the downpour one. You can really see those polka dots now, they look good.

  6. How wonderful!! Especially watching the rain and blowing bubbles!! xx