Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 2: What's in the wall?

Day 2 of 30 Days Wild found me taking a walk at lunchtime. I came across this old wall and was fascinated by all the plants growing in the stones. It always amazes me how nature can survive in the unlikeliest of places. Here's what I saw...

Ivy-leaved toadflax


Maidenhair spleenwort

Wall rue

Common ramping fumitory

I've not had time to identify most of the plants as I've been out at my yoga class this evening. Those without flowers are more difficult too. Looks like I'll have to keep going back :-)

I attended a mindfulness class today and guess what one of the homework exercises was? Spend time in nature each day! Looks like I have more than one reason to keep going wild - not that I needed an excuse. x


  1. Good post Julie, I do like looking in walls, and I think church walls are the best.
    Amanda xx

  2. Super post, great photos. What a brilliant random act of wildness too.

  3. This was great... I'm partial to flowers-in-walls myself, was looking at some the other day at Tideswell well dressing! I might steal this idea one day this month, hehe! I've really enjoyed forcing myself to get outdoors this week and am pleased to have done two walks too - my added incentive now is that perhaps I won't need to do so much wriggling to squeeze into my jeans by the end of June if I keep getting out and walking more, haha!

  4. Quite a variety of plants there. I must go and take a closer look at the dry stone wall at the front and side of our house where I know there are ferns, foxgloves and ivy-leaved toadflax growing and maybe other plants.

  5. This was a great way to go wild!!!! I hope that you can enjoy identifying the other plants! xx

  6. What a great post. Wall wildlife looks very interesting. I love the other name of Ivy leaved toadflax~ Grandma's bonnet.x

  7. Julie, I'm not great at identifying ferns, but I think your first unamed picture is Maidenhair Spleenwort - Asplenium trichomanes (both stalk and midrib blackish brown). The second is Wall Rue - Asplenium ruta-muraria. I love plants growing on stone walls, how do they find enough water and food?
    Did you check out Common-Ramping Fumitory (Fumaria muralis)? As the name suggests this is more commonly found on walls and has fewer flowers in the flowerhead than Common Fumitory which is more usually found in cultivated ground.
    What a lovely wall.