Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 4: Daisy, daisy

Day 4 and I went in search of a quiet, green space to do some mindfulness homework. I've started a 4 week course (one hour a week) and one of the tasks is a daily breathing exercise.

There's a lovely square in the city where I sometimes go to watch the squirrels. They were much in evidence today and, being a warm, sunny day, so were lots of other people. Not so good for quiet contemplation. Instead I decided to combine two of the other tasks: spending time with nature and a mindful activity.

As there were lots of daisies around, I sat on a bench and focused on making a daisy chain, something I haven't done for many years. The feel of the stem between my fingers, the moist feeling as my fingernail sliced through the stem to create an opening for the next daisy in the chain. I was completely absorbed in the moment...until a young family came and sat on the bench next to me - well, benches are in short supply on sunny days.

Still, it did the trick and I felt wonderfully calm and relaxed. This is one activity I'll be finding time for again, particularly as Chickpea has confessed that she's always struggled making daisy chains.

Embracing my inner hippy.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm off to wrap my Dad's presents as it's his birthday tomorrow. x


  1. That sounds lovely. I haven't made a daisy chain since I was at middle school...I can't bring myself to do it, I guilty for killing the flowers, haha! I have helped children at my old school make them though, it's something all children should do isn't it!

  2. Nice greenspace. Not suprised you felt calm and relaxed after making your daisy chain sat in such a great place with the sun shining down.

  3. Loving your daisy chain. My lawn doesn't look like the rest of the street (green & stripy) I have lots of daisies. Maybe I should have a go at a daisy chain!! Sarah

  4. Another lovely thing to do, I too made them at school in the playing field.....
    Amanda xx

  5. Enjoying your Wild adventures !

  6. A wonderful way to be mindful and wild!!! I hope that your Dad has a great birthday! xx