Friday, 12 June 2015

Day 12: A day out at Brockholes

Day 12 and a day off for me. With the weather promising to be warm and sunny, I really wanted to get out and visit somewhere. We picked up Chickpea's boyfriend and headed to Brockholes, a nature reserve near Preston. It is on the site of an old quarry and has 250 acres of wetland and woodland. The river Ribble runs around the outskirts of the site.

Common Blue
 We'd barely left the car park before we started seeing the wildlife.

There were hundreds of these blue damselflies around the reserve.

The visitor village floats on the lake and includes an information centre, cafe and shops.

The M6 motorway is just behind the trees but you hardly notice it as you move further into the reserve.

Alder fly

There are several trails of varying length and around different habitats: we chose to follow the meadow trail.

It wasn't long before we came across two areas which were obviously part of the educational activities. First was the Deep Dark Wood where the Gruffalo lives.

Next door was an area devoted to the Wind in the Willows.

Back out onto the meadow trail, it headed down towards the river.

Small white

Scorpion fly

Banded demoiselle

Painted lady


Banded demoiselle



The best part of going out during the week is that the playgrounds are child-free!

We had a great time at Brockholes and will definitely go back to explore more of the trails.

Apologies for the lack of commentary but it's late. I haven't had time to identify all of the bugs and flowers so will add the info tomorrow when I've had a chance to look them up. Any help appreciated!

For now though, I'm off to bed! x


  1. The fly on your hand is an alder fly and the one lower down, after the small white butterfly, is a scorpion fly :)

    We visited Brockholes in August 2013 I think and I loved that it was floating! I really enjoyed it but we arrived later in the day if I recall correctly so didn't explore the woodlands. I'd like to revisit. The playground looks like fun too - but I never get a look in since I can only go out at weekends and school hols!

    1. oh yes! Now I've looked again I can see that's a male hand! I only looked at the bug before - didn't see how hairy it was, hehe!

  2. Great post Julie, what a lovely place. I must add this to my list of places to visit. How cool are those Wind in the Willows sculptures!

  3. Now this is one place I would like to visit, it looks great, you have managed to find some butterflies too, very short supply round here. Love the fact the river is there too.
    Have been reading up on you other posts form the week and sorry have not had the time to comment, like you have been making the most of the weather and not coming in to late, watched Spring watch on catch-up most night not managing to stay awake then gone to bed !
    I love how much you have managed to fit in and we might have radishes by the end of the month...
    Amanda xx

  4. I love your visual commentary of this really interesting place. I love the way they have incorporated the Gruffalo and the Wind in the Willows. Fantastic! Take care and rest well. Chel x

  5. It is a while since I visited, lovely photos, looks like you had good weather for it :)

  6. I love checking in on your blog. Often the places you visit, I have also visited, but it's always interesting to see how other people photograph them. We like visiting brockholes, luckily you can walk through the woods from our side of Preston and avoid the car park and hidious roundabouts next to the motorway!! Well done keeping up your wild days. Sarah

  7. What wonderful wild times you have been having!!! xx

  8. This is another wonderful place! I am envious of your butterfly sightings!x