Saturday, 27 February 2016

Elf and Kirigami update 5

It's time for an update on the kirigami but, first, I couldn't resist showing you a photo of Elf. He's my friend's new puppy and he's just so cute and full of mischief. Rugs, skirting boards, shoelaces and unsuspecting teddies - nothing is safe! For the dog people out there, he's a Sheprador - a cross between a German Shepherd and a Labrador.

But enough of the cuteness, here's my kirigami from the last couple of weeks. I had a revelation half way through that it's much easier and neater to cut with a sharp craft knife than a blunt one - who knew! Oh, I have some news at the end too :)

15 February

16 February
17 February
18 February
19 February
20/21 February
22 February
Yes, this one is a mess. It's meant to be some kind of weaving technique but the instructions were so poor, I couldn't make head nor tail of it.

23 February
24 February
25 February
26 February
27/28 February

We're having a quiet weekend, partly because I'm full of a cold. It hasn't stopped me baking warming pumpkin streusel pie though. Yum!

I'll also be doing some research for our holiday. Yes, I've booked a holiday! We'll be staying in a cottage in Alnwick, Northumberland and I'm so excited, dreaming of all the wonderful sights we're going to see: Alnwick Castle and gardens, Bamburgh Castle, Lindisfarne, Cragside. How am I going to wait until June? Let me know if you've visited that area and if there are any other things we must see or do. Enjoy your weekend. xx


  1. Quite a varied mix with the kirigami this month!

    I visited Alnwick when we went to Northumberland in 2013 so if you look in my August blog archives that year there will be some Northumberland posts about the places you mentioned and possibly some more (if you're interested)... there's also Barter Books which I'm sure you will know of and I'd recommend a visit to the Chillingham wild cattle!

  2. Lovely paper cutting, like the Butterfly one. You will love it in Northumberland, been there many times, any beach any little town it's all lovely....
    Amanda xx

  3. These are lovely pieces! I especially like the butterflies. Good reminder about using a sharp blade - doh! Yes, you must go to Barter Books in Alnwick. It looks amazing in the photos I've seen.

  4. Oh my word, could Elf be any more cuter! Your kirigami is so interesting, and well done for keeping it up! I am not sure if Mike at A Bit About Britain has been at any of the places you are going to, but it might be worth a look. Thanks for your link on your comment on my blog, that does look a good pattern, a bit pricey but hey ho. Janie Crow is doing a new CAL that starts next month and that looks stunning. Too many projects on the go again, will I ever learn!