Sunday, 14 February 2016

Kirigami update 4

8 February
There's been a bit of a theme going on with the Kirigami calendar this week. Anyone would think it was Valentine's Day today. Yes, it's hearts all round.

9 February: Well, except for this one which was teaching a new technique of folding back. I decided to use some of my own paper as I wasn't sure that the usual calendar paper with instructions on the other side would work very well. Could do with more contrast but an interesting design.

10 February: More backfolding but I didn't think the pattern worked particularly well - there's just far too much going on.

11 February: Back to the usual scissor and craft knife technique. My craft knife skills still need work - it's really hard cutting through lots of layers and keeping the edges looking neat. I hope I'm not still saying this on day 365!

12 February: More backfolding but I have to say I prefer the cut techniques much better.

13/14 February: Last one of the week and the first 3D design. I liked this one but enough with the hearts!

This week was an exciting one as a parcel of goodies arrived! I was the winner of the lovely Kezzie's giveaway, the first one I've ever won. The thrill of peeling back the layers of tissue paper! It felt like Mary Poppins' bottomless bag as present after present emerged from the box.

Look at all this! Thank you, thank you Kezzie for such generosity.

Yesterday we ventured into the fresh air to the Scarecrow Festival at Tatton Park. I'll be posting about it later in the week when I've managed to sort through all the photos. Here's a happy chap as a taster though. If you're off for half-term and fancy a visit, it's on until next Sunday. x


  1. What a lovely parcel you received from Kezzie! I'll look forward to seeing more of the scarecrows!

  2. What a wonderful parcel to have received, how lovely! Your cut pieces are pretty again! It is interesting to see all the different techniques and how they are progressing. xx

  3. Love seeing your paper cut-outs, wow what a great parcel to receive..
    Amanda xx

  4. Glad you liked the thingies!
    Wow, your kirigami is so impressive!!! I'm so bad at intricate cutting!!!Xx