Monday, 29 February 2016

Photo Scavenger Hunt: February 2016

The end of the month means Scavenger Hunt time, organised as always by Greenthumb. We managed to get out and about a bit more during February so most of the photos were taken on our travels. Here's my entry.

Green: This friendly lion is becoming green and weathered with age.

2: No 2 truck, 'Invincible', at Tatton Park.

Cool: It wasn't just cool this particular morning: it was flipping freezing!

Somewhere you went: Tatton Park.

Up: Carousel horses go up and down.

Frame: Stripped of its petals and seeds, you can see the spiky frame of the allium.

From a low angle: Beautiful hellebores taken from a low angle so that you can see the detail inside their nodding heads.

On the shelf: Funnily enough, I think this was the hardest category. In the end, I settled on one of my shelves of mugs. Please ignore the dust.

Writing: Difficult to read but it says, 'The purest and most thoughtful minds, Are those which most love Color'.

Inside: Inside one of the glass houses at Tatton Park.

Line: Lines of coins embedded in a tree trunk.

Shape: Big or small, nests are usually circular in shape.

If you head over to the Scavenger Hunt site, you can see all the other entries and how differently we each interpret the categories.

I have to say I'm glad to see the back of February. Not that it was a terrible month but it always signals that the nights are getting lighter and Spring is finally on its way. Of course, Easter is also in March this year so that also means a break from work :-)


  1. A great collection, I love frame and writing!

  2. Beautiful set of photos, I do like them all :) thanks again for the lovely comment you left,made my day..
    Amanda xx

  3. Lovely photos, I've enjoyed them all. Love Tatton Park and I recognised the carousel. I have the same tulip mug as you:)

  4. Wonderful photos! The carousel horses is a good take on Up, and I love the photo of the allium "frame" and the quote about color (no "U"?). The coins in the tree are intriguing - I wonder when they were put there. And don't worry, I always ignore the dust!

  5. Lovely photos. I love the Green Lion and the Carousel Horses going up and Down. I have never been to Tatton Park. On my List!

  6. I love all your photos, especially up, lines and shape. Your photos of Tatton are lovely. Xx

  7. A great selection of colourful photos starting with the lion showing a tinge of age. No. 2 truck was a perfect choice, as was the cheerful carousel. The writing and line of coins were uniquely wonderful. The alium frame against the blue sky is so effective. Love the texture and shape of the bird nest... soon new ones will be built :)

  8. Great interpretations here. The allium is superb...wonderful colour and the spelling in that old quote is interesting. I wonder how much that tree is worth?

  9. Super interpretations - love the carousel and the pennies in the tree - I've never seen that before.

  10. A great place to get photos for the scavenger hunt! I like the interpretations for green, 2, cool and frame.

  11. Coins in the tree is quite interesting. I especially like the picture of the allium. Quite striking the way the sun is hitting it and the all blue sky!

  12. What a lovely selection! Those coins are fun, the daffs superb but my favourite is the 'writing'.