Sunday, 2 September 2012

Another Place

We've been meaning to visit Antony Gormley's Another Place for a while but never seemed to find the opportunity or weather. With the end of my hols approaching, now was the time.

I checked the weather and it was set fair for most of the day (24 August). I checked for high tide and it was only due at 4pm. Perfect.

We took the train to Southport and changed to the Hunts Cross line for the train to Hall Road. This is the start of Another Place which then extends south for 2 miles along the coast. We had intended to walk down the Coastal Path and get the train back from Waterloo but, in the end, time flew and we easily passed a couple of hours just wandering up and down the beach.

The first thing you notice is the size of the landscape: vast empty sands, big skies. Liverpool in the distance. The noise of industry carried on the wind.

Chickpea prefers trees and fields and hills. I love them too but it's the salty fresh smell of the sea that makes my heart sing. Several years ago I visited Monterey Bay and, as the car rounded the corner and the smell of the sea surrounded us, I had an uncontrollable urge to run into the water. So I did. And it was jolly cold!

The sculptures are dotted along the shoreline. Some are close to the shore and others further out to sea.

Some of the sculptures are smooth with just a patina of rust on the cast-iron.

Whilst others are encrusted with barnacles.

All of the sculptures are numbered: this was number 9. We thought the barnacles made him look like he's wearing a balaclava! Or a swimming cap!

The features on this sculpture have almost been engulfed with the shells.

And, of course, you have to do the obligatory 'standing like a statue' pose.

Although the landscape seems empty, there is lots to see. Some people say wind turbines are ugly but I find them beautiful.

And look more closely. The tide had left intricate patterns in the sand.

The ripples in the sea channels danced and sparkled in the sunlight. And tiny fish darted here and there.

The patterns on a mussel shell reminded us of the feathers on a wing.

The arrangement of blood vessels (?) in this jelly fish was amazing, like the segments of an orange.

An abandoned crab shell.

And, glistening in the sand, little nuggets of sea glass. Mostly white but a few of emerald green. And this sapphire beauty which came home with me.

I absolutely loved our visit to Another Place. The sea and the sun lifted my spirits and left me with a feeling of calm and contentment.

I'd like to go back again and walk the coastal path. And maybe at a different time of day - I've seen photos of the sculptures at sunrise and sunset and they look amazing. One day.

PS I can't take the credit for this sand drawing - it was left behind by one of the many children enjoying the beach that day.

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  1. We have wind turbines here too. I don't really find them offensive, either.