Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Welcome to the Show

Bolton Quilters welcome you to our 5th Exhibition. Come in and I'll show you around.

First into the main hall where we have the large quilts. This is 'Wedding Quilt' by Ann Dwyer, made for her grandson and his wife.

'Morris and Custard' is Jacqueline Martin's interpretation of William Morris. The blue ribbons were won at the Harrogate quilt show last year (and I wish I'd taken a photo so I could remember what they were for).

I also wish I'd made a note of who this was by (I'll add her name when I find out).

This beauty was definitely made by Vivien Thornton. 'Bears Paw and Flying Geese' was made for her mother who sadly didn't live to see it completed.

OK, let's head to the hall downstairs. On the way, we'll stop to admire this button-up quilt which was the group challenge last year. We were all given a pack containing two fabrics and strict instructions on which additional colours we could add. One of these is mine - can you guess which one?

The downstairs hall is busy with demonstrations, traders and the smaller quilts and quilted items.

The long narrow quilts were also a group challenge, inspired by a similar challenge by Stalybridge Ps & Qs. We were all given a teabag to dye some calico and instructions to use only red as the other fabric. Our quilts were entered in the Harrogate quilt show in 2010. Again, one of these is mine.

Quilters don't just make quilts. Here's a selection of toys, a box, placemats and coasters.

And another group challenge, set by Elizabeth who specified round, with only black and white fabrics with one other colour.

Back down in the hall, there are some small quilts to admire. I love the colours and the fabrics in this one.

This is 'Sweet Pea Wall Hanging' by Kath Worthington.

Look at how realistic the flowers are!

Now let's make our way to the Christmas room where the table is laid for dinner. Does the music make you feel festive?

These were part of the Christmas 'Add a row' challenge. I think by now you can tell that our group is big on challenges!

Jackie made a complete Nativity set of these dolls.

Sadly, the Christmas room is the end of our show. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Why not have another look round while you wait for the results of Visitors' Choice? I'll give you the results next time.

PS. I'll reveal which quilts were mine in a future post.

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