Sunday, 30 September 2012

Foraged flowers

After our quilt show, I was able to take home one of the table displays that Barbara made to decorate our refreshment area. Two weeks later, the flowers have died off but the foliage still has some life left in it. It seemed a waste to throw it away so yesterday I set myself the challenge of creating a new display using only foraged items. I have to admit thinking I'd probably have to supplement my finds with some bought flowers: I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

My favourite find was this chocolate cosmos. I was loath to cut off the flowers as they had taken so long to emerge this summer. However, the seed heads were just as lovely and interesting.

Eventually, from a forage around mine and my parent's gardens I gathered: rudbeckia, lavender, rosemary, aster, aubretia, berberis, hypericum and skimmia. One of these (I think it was the hypericum) gave off a lovely orangey scent as I was trimming.

And here's the finished display on my fireplace. I'm no florist but I think this is pretty good! But then I couldn't really go wrong with such lovely materials to work with.

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