Sunday, 9 September 2012

Carrot harvest

It's been a lovely Sunday, possibly one of the last nice ones before Autumn kicks in. So, time to tidy up the garden with some weeding and pruning. And also time to harvest the last of the carrots. I'd already harvested a few to use in a cake but had noticed that the rest were slowly being eaten away.

The slugs have munched their way down leaving behind a perfect empty husk. If it wasn't so annoying, I'd probably find it fascinating and strangely beautiful. As it is, if I wasn't quick, there'd be nothing left to harvest.

This is what emerged from the pot. A few extra weeks of growing time didn't make any difference to the size, with the longest being a mere 10cm. In the past I've had ones which were 10 inches (26cm)! Oh well, at least there's enough for a meal. Fingers crossed for a better growing season next year.

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