Friday, 12 July 2013

First harvest

One of the first things I do when I get back off holiday is check the garden to see what has changed and what is in flower. At this time of year it's amazing what a difference a few days can make.

How exciting then to arrive back from our jollies and find that several of my vegetables were ready to harvest! The courgettes are always reliable and very prolific. You'll notice I grow them in a pot: this is partly due to lack of space but mostly because I've found it the best way to keep off the snails.

I cut two fruits at the time but have already harvested several more. I always grow the yellow ones because the colour is just so happy and sunny (and we are usually in dire need of the latter in a typical English summer!).

These ones were destined for a pasta dish with sausage, onion and tomatoes, topped with freshly grated parmesan and basil. I've got another sausage recipe for you which I'm just writing up.

Also ready were some radish. The seeds were part of my Secret Santa present a couple of years ago.

I used to hate radish as a child but now I really like the peppery taste. It just shows how your tastes change as you get older - mind you, I'd still eat sweet over savoury any day.

These rosy beauties ended up in a sandwich: beef, blue cheese, tomato, rocket and caramelised onion chutney on ciabatta. Yum! Washed down with Lavender Honey Beer from Yorkshire Lavender. I'd so like to say 'yum' to this too but it just reminded me how much I really really don't like beer - this is one change in my taste buds which I don't think will ever happen. I'm sure Dad will enjoy the rest of the bottle.

Last but not least, a handful of sugar snap peas were squeakily plump and waiting to be added to our meal.

As there were only a few, I sliced them up raw to use in this salad of prawns, mango, watercress and spinach with a Thai-style dressing. Perfect on a hot day.

Elsewhere in the garden, this summer is the first time my two clematis have flowered. This one is 'Comtesse de Bouchard' and has lots more buds waiting to open - can't wait!

And this one is 'Madame Julia Correvon'. She's dainty and more delicate than the Comtesse. Both were cheap supermarket purchases so I'm really pleased with how well they've grown.

Lastly, do you remember me buying some petunias about Easter time?

Well, look at them now! I planted them in troughs which I placed all along a small wall which divides the path from the lawn, right outside my kitchen window. The gorgeous weather over the past week has made them go crazy. I took this photo just a few moments ago and, actually, it reminds me that I must go out and water them.

Hope you enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend. I'm meeting two friends tomorrow in Stockport of all places but you'll have to wait to find out why. In the meantime, I'll be back soon, probably with that sausage recipe. x


Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my first anniversary. Your support and appreciation really does make a difference. Bloggers truly are the loveliest bunch of people. xxx


  1. Beautiful photos! Great harvest,resulting in healthy food!

  2. Lovely series of photos! That pasta dish looks and sounds really good.

  3. Oh, what beautiful veggies and flowers. I want to eat a meal with you and then, sit in your garden! I am with you about the beer. Now, if you have any Pimm's...

  4. What a lovely colourful post. The salads look delicious. Enjoy your garden lovliness:)

  5. Flowers are looking lovely and colourful, so are your corgettes! How satisfying to be eating so much of your own home grown veg :) xx

  6. It was lovely to see not just what you harvested (I've often seen that on blogs) but what you did with it afterwards, the tasty meals you created with them! Hope you are having a good time in Stockport.

  7. Gorgeous vegetables and flowers. I love the look of both the pasta dish and the salad, both look so tasty. I have never ever tasted a radish!!
    Marianne x

  8. I'm jealous of your garden and beautiful flowers! My garden started out with promise but has completely dried up and withered away now.

  9. What a harvest! It was really nice to see how you'd used your home-grown produce in meals. Those yellow courgettes looked especially good, I love courgettes, and you eat so well. x