Sunday, 28 July 2013

This week

This week...

...I sent off my contribution for the Yarndale bunting appeal: one each for me and Chickpea. I'm intending to go though haven't made definite plans yet. It would be so exciting to see these hanging with all the others but I'm not sure my purse can handle the strain :)

...I marvelled at the stunning colour of these heleniums which the bees and butterflies found just as irresistible.

...I had a couple of days off work using up the remains of my annual leave (though I still have 2 weeks to come at the end of August). I went for a walk along the canal with Sue and had a truly lovely day. Fresh air, sunshine and the company of a very good friend - it was just what I needed.

...I made more progress on my latest crochet project.

...I revisited the path by the golf course feeling in need of the calm that nature brings me - it's a stressful time at work at the moment.

...I welcomed back Chickpea who had spent the week at her boyfriend's. They had a day out at Chester Zoo (photo taken by Ben). I also welcomed back her camera, which is the one I use most of the time, after a frustrating week having to use my old one again!

...I made these ice cream cone cup cakes from the recipe in the current issue of BBC Good Food magazine.


We're having a day out today and hoping that the rain holds off. I'll write about it at some point along with the canal walk and the nature ramble by the golf course. And I still have other crafting and days out to show you. Everything is stacking up and it's all a bit of a jumble which can sometimes feel like my life at the moment.

Enjoy your Sunday. Back soon. x


  1. Lovely collection of photos. I'll look forward to reading about your days out when you get around to writing about them!

  2. Those flowers are really wonderful! It seeems that you had a lovely week. I hope that this week will be as exciting!

  3. I've been wanting to try those ice cream cone cupcakes for ages, they look delicious and fun to make and eat.