Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt: July

Once again joining in with Greenthumb of Made with Love and her monthly challenge.

Black: Snooker ball.

Eleven : Bingo - Legs 11!

Something very old : 17th century cruck barn.

Something bright : Fairground ride.

Coins : Old coins embedded in a piece of wood in the Counting House at the Staircase Museum, Stockport.

Technology: Chickpea's Nintendo 3DS. She didn't get her love of video games from me.

Numbers : Scoring card at a crown green bowling game. My Dad's is the score on the left - 3 points later he won!

Wheels : Sculpture on a wall in Stockport.

The great outdoors : the River Ribble.

Smile : painting on a fairground ride. The wonderful thing about Tigger...

Umbrella : Who would have thought this would be one of the hardest photos to find? In the end though, the British weather came through and I took this at the weekend during one of the many short, sharp showers.

Feet : Teenagers cooling off in a fountain.

It's great fun hunting down the photos for this challenge. Why not give it a go next month? You can find the list for August here. x


Thanks for the guesses on the identity of the blue flower. I've now managed to identify it as Phacelia tanacetifolia or scorpionweed after seeing a photo of it on another blog. x


  1. Great photos, Julie! The feet one was so fun! Now I have to google cruck barn and find out what that is. Have a good one!

  2. Wonderful photos once again!

  3. I love your photos - you took some great shots. I love umbrella, feet, coins, wheels and that old barn. I took a fairground ride for bright too!

  4. There are some really fab photos in here. That one of the barn is lovely - I like the way the light comes through the open door. I do like the look of these challenges, they look like a lot of fun. xx

  5. Thanks for thaking part in this months scavenger hunt, you have a greAt collection of photos. I really like umbrella, wheel, and bright. Greenthumb

  6. Julie... What a great group of photos! The wheel sculpture is awesome. Feet and the cruck barn are also favorites! Who doesn't smile for Tigger? Finding an umbrella wouldn't have been difficult here in the Southern USA... we've had rain every day for over a month! Susan

  7. Great photos Julie.
    Joy xx

  8. Love the interpretations - especially the old barn. I've been going over some of your older posts, really enjoyed the vacation photos, there is so much to see over there, I'd love to visit sometime.

  9. I love Tigger and the sculpture is great.

  10. I have lots of favorites here...something very old, something bright, wheels and feet! Great job!!!

  11. All those photos are really good but one stood out for me and that is Wheels. Suzy x

  12. Great photos!!! Love wheels, umbrella and feet. Claire xo

  13. Great photos, especially the first one.
    Marianne x

  14. What a fabulous set of photos! I love the one of the billiard balls.

  15. Great photos loved the fountain and the score card- all those numbers must mean something to those that play bowls!