Friday, 28 March 2014

Flower Friday

I've really enjoyed having the welly of flowers. The gorgeous, vibrant colours combined with the quirky craziness of a welly vase has made me smile every time I've looked at it.

Gerberas are lovely but they don't last long and, before the week was out, they'd started to droop and curl. It seemed such a shame and I wanted to extract every last moment of pleasure from them. Time to dig out my trusty trifle bowl and create a new display.

Success! Within an hour, the flowers looked fresh again and were so gorgeous floating in the water with the glass pebbles sparkling underneath.

It looks so pretty in the evening too lit up with a floating candle. Almost a week later and they're still going strong.

I couldn't let the welly go to waste though. The foliage was still looking fresh so, a bunch of cheap carnations later and a new display was born.

A more subtle and tasteful colour combination this time but just as effective. This welly is going to run and run ;-)


  1. Those gerber daisies are just out of this world!! And you know I love those flowers in the welly!

  2. Oh - the trifle bowl is so charming- I must try that sometime - the candlelight is perfect. And your purple boot and carnations is perfect.

  3. Wonderful arrangements, I especially love the gerberas with the candle, beautiful.

  4. Wonderful way to keep blossoms going, such a pretty centrepiece! And I hope to see all manner of summer blooms in that welly over the coming months... Chrissie x

  5. I adore gerberas and I love the pretty display with the candle, great idea. Those purple carnations look great in the welly too.
    Marianne x

  6. Love the fact that found a way to make the most of your gerbera's they look very pretty. The welly looks very happy with it's new blooms as well!! xx