Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Welly Wednesday

I recently attended an event with a festival theme and was much taken by the table decorations. They were so bright and colourful.

The paint-spattered foliage was unusual.

The best part though was the vase.

It's a welly!

Even more amazing was that I won one to take home! It caused a few second glances on the train :)


  1. I love it!!! I have seen wellies used as garden planters, but never as a vase. It is so much fun and definitely adds some colour and it goes really well with the flowers! Did you get the other boot too!!! xx

  2. Ha! I loved how you waited until the end to show us the Wellington boot for a vase! Those flowers are just gorgeous. I don't know if you know how lucky you are in England with the flowers, even at the florists here, they just don't compare to what you can get there. xx

  3. Love it! Such beautiful bright flowers too.
    Marianne x

  4. Fantastic! That would get you some interesting looks on the train! Now I know what to do with the children's wellies when they outgrow them...Chrissie x