Monday, 31 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt: March

And so it's time once again for the monthly photo scavenger hunt organised by Greenthumb of Made with Love. Here's my selection.

M is for...: Motorbike

9am : Enjoying a caramel macchiato. I'd just dropped the car off for its MOT and was waiting for the Post Office to open to post a parcel to my lovely penfriend :)

Berries : I thought it might be difficult finding berries at this time of year but was lucky to spot this skimmia.

Lit up : The public library in Birmingham.

Grate : An old, rusty grate in the street.

Working : Lenny Henry filming 'Rudy's Rare Records' near the canal in Birmingham. In this sequence, he was supposed to be cycling along the canal before falling in. He pretended to have trouble steering and threw himself sideways onto a mat. A member of the film crew then threw a bucket of water in the air to look like he'd fallen in!

Brickwork : Patterns in the paving.

Cutlery : In a canteen.

Flowers : Could it be anything else but daffodils for March in England?

Crisp : Well, crisps. My favourite flavour, salt and vinegar.

Ticket : A souvenir from our trip to New York in 2008. I couldn't bear to throw it away and use it as a bookmark.

Coloured door : It turns out that the folk in this area are an unimaginative lot when it comes to door colour. I could have shown you any number of black, white or brown doors but coloured doors were hard to track down and particularly ones which were photogenic. Eventually though I found this rather grand pair.

And that concludes the March Scavenger Hunt. Why not join in with us in April? x


  1. Terrific photos! Motorbike was a great choice and a colourful one, too. The lit up library is stunning, and what a great story about the actor, incuding the bucket of water! Pattern of brickwork, and your daffies are perfect. Really enjoyed seeing them all.

  2. Brilliant collection of photos, I'd love the visit that library in Birmingham, it looks fantastic. I like the brickwork you found and great shot for working!

  3. Thanks for taking part in months scavenger hunt. What a great group of photos, I really like M, cutlery,lit up and coloured door. Greenthumb.

  4. Fun photos - love the story filming the bike ride along the canal - and adore the blue doors.

  5. great photos,I love the story of Lenny Henry.

  6. Great photo's faves - coloured door and motorbike.

  7. What a fun post! Chrissie x

  8. I always like to read you Scavenger Hunt posts, it really interests me to see how you interpret the prompts. You are good at looking for pattern and texture in your selections, and I love that blue front door. x

    1. "Your" posts, not "you" - sorry! x

  9. These are great shots. I particularly like the Birmingham library, all lit up, and the canteen cutlery. I wouldn't say now to a bag of crisps just now.

  10. A great selection. I love the blue and the funky lit-up library, and it must have been fun to catch Lenny Henry hard at work!

  11. I had the same trouble with coloured doors! But that one looks like the TARDIS!!! The library is so pretty! What an amazing roof- reminds me of the entrance to the Louvre in Paris!x

  12. What a beautiful collection of photos, Julie! Those daffodils! At first glance, as I scrolled down, I thought the library was a beautiful knit scarf! It's really fun to see what people are coming up with for the various categories! I, too, had trouble with the colored door until my husband Terry pointed out the door I photographed. Have a great weekend!

  13. Love your photos!
    How great was that to see Lenny Henry filming a movie!
    I think Lenny Henry is so funny! I wonder how many Americans know him? HA! I am one!