Thursday, 20 March 2014

Yoga mat bag

Have I ever told you that I do yoga? I think I may have mentioned it in passing once or twice but, yes, I do yoga and have been practising for about 10 years now. For those who know about these kinds of things, it's Iyengar yoga which focuses on the detail of the poses and uses equipment to help you achieve them (blocks, belts etc). And, of course, we use a mat, so when I saw a pattern for a mat bag in Simply Crochet issue 15, I knew I had to make one.

The pattern uses only 2 colours but how dull would that be?! Naturally I've ignored it and chosen 5 instead. The yarn is King Cole Bamboo Cotton which I've used before to make my round cushion. It crochets beautifully, has a slight sheen, and comes in lovely rich colours.

These colours are: Plum (529), Opal (527), Rose (528), Peacock (531), and Violet (537).

After making a circular base, you crochet upwards in a continuous spiral and have a marker to show where the next spiral begins. It's such an easy pattern, just (1dc, 1tr) then (1tr, 1dc) upwards and upwards.

As the bag is 60cm long, I'm doing a 12cm block of each colour.

This is how far I'd reached as of this morning. Still a way to go but it works up quite quickly. Can't wait to show it off to the rest of my class :)

Joining in with Chrissie and Marianne's Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long. x


  1. It looks great! I really like the colours that you have chosen, that of course coordinate so well with your yoga mat!! All of your friends at your class will be wanting one too!! xx

  2. Wow looks great cant wait to see how it turns out x

  3. I eyed that pattern, and I know already I'll love your version much more! Snap - I have the same yoga mat, and the colours you have chosen will coordinate well! I've always wanted to make a little crochet blanket for the meditation at the end of the yoga sessions, now I want the bag, too! Chrissie x

  4. This will be lovely when you finish it. I think I'll make one for the Mr as he has the same yoga mat.

  5. Such lovely harmonising colours - rather similar to those I chose for a ripple blanket some months back - I like them and I'm sure you'll be the envy of the other class members; there may even be orders coming from this lovely example! Joy x

  6. Oh now that's lovely! I didn't know you practiced yoga. i used to, years ago, and loved it although I've gotten out of the habit now. That's going to make a fab bag. x

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