Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 12: What's new in the garden

When I come back from holiday, one of the first things I want to do is check what has changed in the garden while I've been away. Everything is looking a lot lusher and many of the flowers are in full bloom. The peony, in particular, had tight buds when we waved goodbye 7 days ago: now, they are bowed down with the weight of the petals - so beautiful.

These sweetpeas are pink in reality

The gooseberries are coming along nicely. Not as large a crop as last year but definitely enough for a crumble :)

The other thing I couldn't wait to catch up on was the progress of the great-crested grebe.

And there she is, still on the nest. Relief and excitement all round :)


  1. Your garden is beautiful! It did very well while you were away and must have been a real treat to return to!

  2. Wow, so much beauty!!!! Your garden is wonderful!x