Monday, 27 June 2016

Day 27: Make a rosemary wreath

Day 27 and time for something creative. While gardening yesterday, I'd pruned the rosemary bush and it seemed a shame to waste all the sprigs even though there are still plenty more.

I found this watering can in the garage when we moved in and it seemed the perfect place to store the sprigs while I decided what to do.

After a bit of deliberation I decided to make a wreath so, as soon as I arrived home this evening, I set to work. The hoop is an old metal coat hanger.

I used some garden wire to attach the rosemary sprigs around the hoop and used whatever else I could find to decorate it: alchemilla mollis, penstemon, lemon balm and clematis.

Ta-dah! I'm really pleased with it and, of course, my hands smelled amazing afterwards :)

I've also tried this idea which I saw in a magazine. The idea is that the heat from the candle releases the fragrance of the leaves. The jury is still out on this one: it looks pretty but, as I sit here sniffing the air, there's no hint of rosemary.

Last but not least, an update on the baby grebes. As you can see, they're still doing well and sticking close to mum :)


  1. A rosemary wreath AND baby grebes, this is my kind of post!

  2. The wreath looks lovely. I made one last Yule (because it's evergreen) and it made the room smell lovely all over the festive season. I decorated mine with red baubles though, because we didn't have many flowers in late December!

  3. The wreath looks brilliant! Glad to see the grebes doing well too.

  4. The wreath is gorgeous! OOOOOOh, cute little babies hitchhiking!x