Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 13: Make a herb cocktail

Day 13 and the first day back at work after my hols. The weather matched my mood: it rained most of the day and was starting again as I arrived home. Alcohol was required.

As I turned the key in the front door, I glanced to the side at my rosemary bush. Yes, a herb cocktail!

Mix together in a jug some: rosemary and mint leaves, coconut rum (ours is Cocobay from Aldi), lime juice and 1 teaspoon sugar. Muddle (ie bash) the leaves with a pestle to release the flavour. Add a couple of ice cubes to chill. Pour.

Chickpea pronounced it 'a great success'. As I settled down, glass in hand, to watch Springwatch, I couldn't help but agree. How brilliant is 30 Days Wild! x


  1. Your flowers look lovely in last post and nice to the great-crested grebe nesting.
    Herb cocktail nice...
    Amanda xx

  2. Oh wow. Fantastic. I'm going to copy this at the weekend. Today after beginning yesterday I bottled my first batch of rhubarb cordial but this sounds totally awesome

  3. Intriguing. I should mention this to Mrs Britain!

  4. My hubby would love that, sounds very refreshing xx

  5. Oh I watched spring watch with my in laws one year when we were there! Wish they would copy that sow here! Hey, you know you could have grass in that drink and you weould hab pool be drunk it! Lol!

  6. Ha! Meant to say you would have drunk it! I am not drunk!!