Thursday, 23 June 2016

Days 20 and 21: insects and yoga


Just a quick post to share my 30 days wild for days 20 and 21. The real excitement is in my next post though: hold onto your hats!

Day 20: Find an insect

This is National Insect Week so, after checking on the grebes, I headed into the undergrowth to look for insects and found this. I was struggling to identify it from my limited guidebooks until I saw the same one on Amanda's blog! Thanks to her, I know it's a golden-bloomed grey longhorn beetle - a long name for a small insect! How amazing are those antenna?

As I walked home, an oystercatcher called as it circled over the lake a few times before heading east.

Day 21: Strike a pose

My wild moment for the day had been admiring the clematis flower below which had just opened. However, when I got to my yoga class, I found it was also International Yoga Day. Very appropriate then to strike a pose in the open air when I arrived home: this is Marichyasana 1.


  1. That beetle is brilliant. I haven't seen any longhorn beetles yet this year :(

  2. Wow, he has loooooooooooooooong horns!