Sunday, 19 June 2016

Days 14-18: Water and feathers

Thank you for all the lovely comments so far on my wild adventures and I'm glad you enjoyed the herb cocktail. It was so good we had a repeat performance last night :)

This week has been challenging to fit in some wild time, mostly with it being the first week back at work after my hols and trying to adjust to the work-life balance again. I've also had some extra commitments which meant I had to work Friday evening and Saturday too. So, nothing particularly original and all of it very close to home. Here's what I've been up to.

Day 14: Collect feathers

A stroll around the lake and I noticed the Canada geese have been moulting heavily. I gathered a few feathers with crafting in mind. What kind of crafting I have no idea! They were too tempting to pass up though so they're hiding in the shed until inspiration (and pinterest) strikes.

Day 15: Reflections in the lake

Wednesday evening was relatively fine weather-wise and the lake was calm and still: I love it when it's like that. In some areas the water reflected the sky like glass, in others the gentle ripples transformed the clouds into impressionist paintings.

Day 16: Listen to the rain

It's always difficult to come up with something wild to do when it's raining in the limited time you have. I wanted to check on the grebe so contented myself with watching raindrops and listening to the rain on my umbrella. The shadows are 4 very tall poplar trees not a crowd of people wondering why the crazy lady was videoing a puddle!

Day 17: Grebe watch

I was at work all day with only a brief time at home before going back to work until 10pm. My wild moment was therefore confined to checking on my beloved grebe. She's still there and the anticipation is killing me - how much longer??

Day 18: More grebes! And the garden.

Saturday and I was working again and, so tired when I finally arrived home, that I just had a gentle stroll around the lake and filmed the grebe's mate dabbling in the water.

I also checked up on the latest happenings in the garden. I'm loving the way the clematis and sweetpeas are intertwining this year - both are a much brighter pink than the camera shows. I'm also excited to see the orchid is starting to come into flower. I'm never sure whether it's a common-spotted or a marsh but it's a welcome visitor whatever it is :)


  1. I've found the last week difficult too but we've both made it, even the smallest things count! You took some lovely photos in the garden and of the lake.

  2. I love the Grebe! So cool!!! The photos are really lovely and I love the reflections!