Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 2: Make a twig teepee

This morning I was browsing through the blogs of other people taking part in 30 Days Wild and came across Craft Invaders written by Sarah. That led me to her Pinterest board and out into the wide world of nature crafting. So many gorgeous ideas that I'm going to try. The one which caught my eye today though was making a mini-teepee out of twigs and found objects.

First though, a refreshment stop: a twister for Chickpea and a bunny ears for me. It's hot work playing with twigs in the sunshine.

Assemble your twigs and tie at the top. Make a circle of card with 6 notches cut at regular intervals. This will help keep your frame spaced out as you weave strands of coloured wool around your twigs.

Decorate with flowers and found objects.

Ta-dah! I can't believe I actually got Chickpea to spend an afternoon in the garden but she loved doing this :) Roll on Day 3!


  1. I love these, what a brilliant day 2 activity! I also like the look of that bunny ears ice cream, I've never heard of that before but I will want two flakes next time I have a 99 now!

  2. I too love these and have been using wood to create something for the garden, will have a go at these over the next 30 days.
    Amanda xx

  3. How beautiful.I shall have to try this.:)

  4. Love them ! Thinking of jazzing up my sweet pea teepees with some yarn and stuff, whilst waiting for the plants to grow higher up the games. Cool !

  5. Super Twig Teepees! I'm sat here on a warm and humid evening and could just enjoy a twister lolly right now!

  6. That is so cool! I have been RUBBISH with 30 days wild thus far!