Sunday, 19 June 2016

Day 19: Visit a wildflower meadow

Opposite the church hall where my quilt group meets, I'd noticed a community meadow. In April, it was full of cowslips and I wondered what was in flower now. Off I went with Chickpea to find out: I have to say this was quite a sacrifice on her part as she suffers from hayfever and a meadow is really the last place she wants to be at the moment!

At first sight it didn't look that exciting. Lots of grasses, buttercups and clover but not much else. Wander further in though and look closely.

Yellow rattle

Marsh orchid?

Northern marsh orchid?

Ragged Robin

Oxeye daisy

Fox and cubs

Meadow crane's-bill

Common bistort

Flag iris

And this was the view looking back over the field towards the church and Winter Hill. It was surprising to find so much in a small area and I'm going to go back later in the summer to see what else appears.

Do let me know if I've identified any of the flowers incorrectly. The orchids, in particular, I find really tricky.

Back home there is little sign of progress with my own wildflower meadow. There are other plants growing amongst the grass but nothing I can identify yet that wasn't there before. It's only been two weeks though so I'm probably just being too impatient!

Hopefully, as well as fitting in more wild moments, this week I'll find some time to share my holiday snaps. Have a lovely week. x


  1. That is just gorgeous! I love the fact that you tried to name them! I wouldn't have a clue so not sure! You saw so many! Well done to Chick pea- that was kind of her!

  2. Lovely photos of the flowers in the meadow. I often find that wildflower meadows don't look much from a distance, but close up they're beautiful with so many different flowers growing there. I hope your own wildflower meadow will look beautiful, too.

  3. Your little no mow patch is looking good and the tipis fit in so well!

  4. What a wonderful place to visit! The flowers are so beautiful!

  5. Just catching up, the meadow looks lovely and full of flowers which is good as grasses can take over. Orchids can be very hard to ID sometimes as they are a bit naughty and like to cross bread with each other.
    Amanda xx