Saturday, 25 June 2016

Days 23-25: Trees, a moth and singing!

Day 23: Hug and investigate a tree

After cooing over the baby grebes, Chickpea and I headed to a Norway Maple to hug and investigate. It was a suggestion in one of the regular emails I've been receiving from the 30 Days Wild team and a quick and easy option to try. This is one of my favourite local trees as its leaves have beautiful autumn colour. Very green and leafy at this time of year though. The bark rubbing was done as part of 30DW last year.

Day 24: Identify a moth

I arrived home from work to find Chickpea in a state of excitement about a moth she'd found in the porch that morning. Luckily she'd photographed it so I was able to identify it as a magpie moth. What a beauty! I was pretty excited myself until I found out it likes to feed on gooseberries - no doubt the very ones in my garden!

Later, after my daily grebe watch, I glanced at one of the trees and, lo and behold, there was one high up on the trunk: I managed to see one myself after all.

Day 25: Sing in the rain

Today's act of wildness was inspired by us going to see Singing in the Rain at the theatre this afternoon (excellent it was too). It started to rain and there was nothing for it but to stand in the garden and break into song. 'That well doesn't sound like you' commented Chickpea. I'm thinking that's a good thing! Definitely more a Morecambe and Wise version than Gene Kelly! (I hope the M&W link works - it was surprisingly hard to find one on t'internet).

I couldn't sign off without showing you the latest photos of the baby grebes. They've been entertaining me with their feeding antics. So anxious to be first to the food, they've taken to diving into the water!


  1. That's a great collection of wild moments!

  2. Oh the darling Grebes!!!! Love your singing voice!!x

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