Friday, 3 June 2016

Day 3: Mow a meadow

Day 3 of 30 Days Wild and it's time to tackle the lawn. One of my favourite activities from last year was the polka dots I grew on the lawn. It was so interesting to see what appeared when it was left to nature. I have to say though that it was a bit of a pain to mow around circles so, this year, it's a far easier rectangle.

I marked it out with canes and then carefully mowed around.

The twist is that I've also raked in some wildflower seeds to see if I can grow a mini-meadow. This packet was on sale and therefore the bargain price of 50p! It might not work but it's worth a try.

The teepees mark the spot!

Elsewhere in the garden, my oriental poppy has started to flower. I just love its dark interior.

And a yellow iris has appeared as if by magic. Can't wait for the spikes to unfurl to see what's hidden inside! x


  1. Great activity. I'd love to do this too but alas, I still don't have my own garden so don't get to choose.

  2. Great idea, look forward to seeing what grows.
    Amanda xx

  3. I love your 'mow a meadow' activity, hopefully you'll have lots of nice colour in that patch before too long.

  4. Clever!!! can't wait to see the results!x