Thursday, 30 June 2016

Days 28-30: Grebes and wildflowers

The month has flown by and today marks the end of 30 Days Wild. I've enjoyed it so much and it's seemed much less onerous than last year. Maybe I was more relaxed about it or maybe more inspired? It definitely helped being on holiday for part of the month as I had more time to be creative.

Before I call it to a close though, I have the final three days to share.

Day 28: Three become two. I have sad news that one of the baby grebes has disappeared, apparently snatched by a gull. I have a feeling that the lake might not be as abundant in fish as needed as the chicks are increasingly being left alone as both parents search for food. Again and again they dive beneath the surface and come up empty. I'm keeping everything crossed that I'm wrong and the two remaining chicks survive :(

Day 29: A wildflower wasteland. One of my first posts when I started blogging 4 years ago was about the patch of wasteland I pass on my way to work which had been transformed into a pictorial meadow. Over the following years the grasses took over and the flowers gradually disappeared. Over the winter, the area was bulldozed and fenced off. It was a surprise then that I noticed some of the flowers were back. I'm thinking that the bulldozing churned up the ground and spread and reactivated the dormant seed. On my way home yesterday, I stopped to take a closer look: well, as close as you can get through a wire fence.

Day 30: Show your support. I wanted a way to mark the close of 30 Days Wild without it just fizzling out. In the end, it seemed fitting to thank the Wildlife Trusts for organising this initiative by becoming a member so I went online and signed up with Lancashire Wildlife Trust :) Can't wait to receive my membership pack and newsletter to find out what's going on in my local area.

Many thanks to the Wildlife Trusts and to all of you who've been following me through the month. Same time next year? x


  1. That's a very fitting ending to it! Oh poor Tern!!x

  2. I hope the baby grebe turns up. Nature can be so unkind sometimes.

  3. That's a brilliant way to end 30 Days Wild and I think you've had a great month of wildness. A shame about the grebe baby but that's life, there's a well fed gull or gull chick out there somewhere!